One of the most difficult to cure, subungual warts appear under the finger or toe nail. It is quite similar to common warts except that its location makes it difficult to reach by treatment. These warts are benign tumors that grow in the paronychial part of the nail. Subungual warts appear to be rough, horny and can reach the nail grooves and the subungual area of the nail.

Subungual Warts: Causes, Complications, Treatment and Prevention

The warts usually involve the distortion of nail growth.

Subungual Warts: Causes

Human Papillomavirus is the source of the benign tumor which causes Subungual warts. Not only does the virus cause tumors, it can also present multiple lesions. Compared to other warts that found in other parts of the body, subungual warts may considered an aggressive and destructive type of common wart.

Subungual Warts: Complications

Subungual warts in the posterior area of the nail may affect its matrix thus causing damage to the nail plate. If no treatment is awarded on subungual warts, it sticks and persists as they grow in size, invading the skin and causing infection to other areas or digits. This can cause excruciating pain for patients.

Since children are juvenile candidates of warts, parents must pay attention when their children suffer from this infection. Kids may try to crack these warts growing under their nails to the point of bleeding and therefore causing inflammation.

Subungual Warts: Treatment

Duct tapes are effective remedies in treating Subungual warts. Duct tape is wrapped around the fingernail two (2) times. The nail must be isolated for six to seven days before it is opened to air for a day. If warts still persist, a thicker roll of duct tape would be effective for another six days.

Basically, treatments for Priungual warts are the same for treating Subungual warts. Aside from the previously mentioned like Salicylic acid, Cryotherapy, and laser surgery, patients may also resort to proven effective herbal treatments.

A retrospective study showed that Carbon dioxide laser treatment had a cure rate of 57.4%. It was proven to be better than Cryotherapy and Electrocautery treatment. Although CO2 laser treatment is effective in eradicating sumbungual and periungual warts, recurrences still occur within 3 months of vaporization.

Subungual Warts: Prevention

The major cause of the spreading of virus causing warts is through direct physical contact. Definitely avoiding contact with an infected individual is one way of preventing further contamination. Hygiene is an essential requirement in preventing this disease. Pay attention to broken or wounded skin. These open areas are the most likely to be easily infected with the virus.

Moist surroundings are where most viruses dwell, it would be better to avoid skin contact with moist surfaces. As much as possible, do away with sharing personal belongings like towels, socks, razors, and others with other persons. Warts may be invisible to the naked eye, but it doesn’t mean that the virus behind it doesn’t exist.

Always remember that there are no 100% cures for eliminating neither the virus nor the warts. So prevention is much better than the cure of treatments.

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