Periungual Warts: Causes, Complications and Treatment

Warts around the fingernail or Periungual warts cause peeling and roughening of the surface on both feet and hands. They appear elevated and irregular. Warts of this kind often cause damage to the nail either by lifting the nail from the skin or causing the nail to partially detach. If they extend under the nail, then the patient may suffer pain as a result. Sometimes periungual wart infections resemble the changes that are found in onychomycosis. In worst cases, if the infection causes injury or damage to the nail matrix, deformity in the nail may become permanent.

Periungual Warts: Causes

A number of factors can contribute to the development of Periungual warts. But just like the other warts, it is attributed by Human Papillomavirus (HPV). Once the virus penetrates the skin through an opening in a wound or a scratch, the cell rapidly multiplies and may even extend to some other body parts.

It should be noted that warts can spread through direct skin contact, abrasion or trauma, or friction exposure. They also dwell on moist surroundings like shower areas and comfort rooms.

Periungual Warts: Complications

Generally warts do not advance life threatening issues nor do they cause much of an inconvenience. However, they may affect day to day living depending on their position in the body or side effects like itching. Periungual warts are examples of irritating infections and sometimes painful if extended under the nail. These warts are easily spotted because of their appearance around the fingernails like common skin diseases.

Warts are oftentimes unpredictable in their behavior. Sometimes they disappear without any medical attention or medication, but sometimes they may come back and stay for many years. Statistics show that children and young adults have greater risks of acquiring warts. This is due to their under developed biological defenses.

Periungual Warts: Treatment

For fast and clean treatment of Periungual warts, laser surgery may be availed by the patients for eliminating warts in just one session. There may be a couple of disadvantages like cost and availability of equipment. Laser treatment is by far the most expensive remedy for removal of warts and not all medical institutions have the necessary to equipment for the process.

One of the famous treatments is Cryotherapy which is the application of liquid nitrogen to freeze and destroy warts within the area. Liquid nitrogen must sink into sufficient depth of the skin for this treatment to be effective. One drawback for Cryotherapy is that infected sin cells may proliferate in the surrounding areas.

The use of Salicylic Acid may also be used to cure finger warts. The acid is spread on individual warts growing to burn and subsequently destroy the wart. Since it involves acid treatment, it may cause pain and later on scars for the treated patient. Salicylic acid may require some time to kill the warts and enough time for the irritated area to heal before proceeding on to the other affected areas.

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